Michael Kandah (Founder)

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I’m Mike Kandah, a lifelong Chicagoan born and raised in this excellent city of science. Some of my best memories were of going on school trips to our world-class museums and experiencing impressive exhibits and collections. These memories sparked a life-long interest in science that remains to this day.

While my background isn’t in science or physics, I see and use its principles and laws in everyday life. This has always made me aware of its importance and instilled a sense of curiosity to learn more. I know there are many others out there like me who want to push our knowledge further about the universe we live in.

The Smarty Pants Café concept is my vision to bring together people; who like me, also want a neighborhood spot to drop-by, listen, talk and participate in group science discussions and events.
I'm excited at the thought of meeting and serving you at Smarty Pants Café.