Smarty Pants Cafe is a place where science talks meet cappuccino on a couch. It's a spot where science is both the experience and theme. Watching the science channel or a Space X launch while having an espresso is a fun and exciting group activity.

Science-based talks and meet-ups will have a permanent home at our cafe. It will be where on a given day people can come to listen to a talk on topics that range from the Higgs-Boson to the latest advancements in cancer research or the next revolution in material science.

We have no doubt that people would find the idea of having discussions on science topics that take place in a relaxed and comfortable setting like a cafe would be an awesome way of learning new ideas and meeting new people.

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Science isn't the only reason your mass will gravitate to our café (see what we did there). Our great selection of drinks like espresso, brewed coffee, teas and imported sweets will have you making an astronomical discovery.